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支援及医疗顾问服务 Support & Advisory Services




  • 提供辅助参考资料及专业意见以供参考
  • 预约及联系专科医生,确保沟通畅通
  • 透过微信与病人沟通,解答IVF过程中的疑惑与困扰
  • 可直接约见面谈或远程视频
  • 收费按总疗程(种类和次数)计算,全程约为医疗机构报价单之10%-20% (AUD $1000起)
  • 可提供参观IVF机構,现場体验環境,在手术前有更强的掌控感和心理准备(必需预約AUD $100 )
  • 先联系小助手確定服務费用
  • wechat ID: little_whales
  • [email protected]
  • 如$1000 便可下单选数量=10

Your purchase of this service give consent to Little Whales Pty Ltd to access your medical records. Little Whales Pty Ltd will be serving as your Advisor & Coordinator for all matters pertaining to the engagement of Fertility Specialists during your treatment period. As part of our services, it’s imperative to disclose that fees associated with services provided by medical specialists or IVF providers may encompass our professional service fees in facilitating the treatment process.