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Pigeon: Weaning Bottle with Spoon 240ml


Pigeon Weaning Bottles with Spoon are designed to introduce babies to spoon-feeding during the first weaning stage. The bottle is squeezable, enabling easy control over how much food flows onto the spoon each time. After some well-publicised articles about mouldy baby food found in pouches, this is the perfect way to see what is really inside those pouches before your baby puts it in their mouth, plus it gives you an easy way to spoon feed on the run with no mess!

  • Suitable for 6+ months
  • Wash and re-use
  • Soft squeezable bottle with spoon
  • Helps babies learn textures and experience eating from spoon with less mess
  • Perfect for the first stage of weaning with juice, soup or soft solids
  • BPA-Free