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Nu-Lax Platinum Daily Prebiotic Fruit & Fibre Powder 15 x 5.5g sachets

NU-LAX  Platinum Daily Prebiotic Fruit & Fibre powder contains the traditional NU-LAX base of all natural digestive health promoting fruit, including dates, figs, pears and apricots.

NU-LAX  Platinum Daily Prebiotic Fruit & Fibre powder contains a unique blend of fibres. Different  fibres feed different beneficial bacteria, therefore it is essential to take a variety of different fibres to promote and nourish the diverse population of friendly bacteria in your digestive system .

The light and refreshing blend contains no artificial colours or sweeteners and is a perfect addition to your daily fibre intake.

Each 100g of the product contains:

  1. Energy – 813kj/194Cal
  2. Protein – 1.4g
  3. Fat, Total – 0.4g
  4. Saturated – 0.0g
  5. Unsaturated – 0.3g
  6. Carbohydrates, total – 7.3g
  7. Sugar – 0.6g
  8. Dietary Fibre – 80.8g
  9. Sodium – 61.7mg
  10. Potassium – 102.2mg

Recommended Dose:

Add Contents of sachet into 125mL (1/2 cup) water (cold or warm), Juice or smoothie in a shaker cup, shake and drink immediately. To be taken daily.

Adults (12 + years): 1 sachet(5.5g) 1-3 times daily

Children (3+years): 1/2 adult dose


10 in stock

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