Consultation- IVF Specialist TeleHealth/ Face to Face


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IVF Specialist Consultation (TeleHealth or Face to Face)

  • after you have decided to find a specific IVF Specialist we will book a time for you according to your availability
  • pay via Little Whales Marketplace to secure appointment
  • you can reschedule appointment time with 3 working days advance notice (this product is non-refundable)
  • TeleHealth client will get a Zoom invitation
  • the IVF Specialist will email you to confirm booking
  • The fee of this product includes the Specialist fee and our service fee. Part of the fee may be claimable by Medicare/ Private Health Insurance.

Talk to Little Whales Fertility Advisor before you purchase this item. This is a standard fee for any Specialist booking via our team. Usually there is a 4-8 weeks waiting period. Additional charges may apply for express services.

***A Fertility Advisor is a knowledgeable professional who specialises in fertility and reproductive health.* The advisor provide clear and accessible information to empower individuals and couples, enabling them to make informed decisions about their unique fertility journey. Our Fertility Advisors possess a thorough understanding of the various factors that can affect fertility and offer personalised recommendations based on your individual circumstances.

Little Whales Health Team can help you to connect with the Top IVF Specialists in Australia. We provide specialised independent support services to assist overseas patients. We can help you to access information from different IVF providers.